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Covid-19 is affecting us all; Do your part!

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting every life it touches.
We pray that you all remain healthy during this time. Please take care of you neighbors and make sure you take care of yourself as well.

As things progress, we have seen a huge increase in orders and despite what people think, there is an “offline” side of IPTV that also requires a lot of time and effort on our end.

At this time, we are requesting that all customers help out by only purchasing one month at a time.
Most of our suppliers work with us directly; in person. By placing just one month at a time, it will allows us to make sure we have enough service for anyone who wants it and also means that our staff can self-isolate and stay safe, longer.

Rest assured we still have enough Service to last us for quite a few months for all clients, but the longer we can stretch these the easier it will be for everyone.

Thank you, and stay safe!

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Website Database Restored

It appears we had another outage and had to restore from our local backups.
This essentially means orders between Feb 18th to March 19th may not show up in your account history.

Rest assured, this will not affect your IPTV subscriptions in any way!

This will however, affect customers that have created “new accounts” during this time. Those accounts may need to be recreated should you decide to extend your service.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Epic Re-Launch Update

Some of you may notice the channels are coming back online 1 at a time. There are about 1800 stations so as you can imagine this could take a few days.

Let’s be patient here and hope everything comes back up smoothly.

If you’re an epic customer and you still can’t get online, please email support with your order number so we can make sure you’re using the correct portal settings for your device.

Thank you.

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Epic Re-launch complete

It appears epic is back up and running for all M3U and STB/Mag users!

The EPG is still not complete so it may take some time for them to get those up and running, but it’s awesome to see that all accounts have been successfully restored and anyone who had epic before should be up and running again.

Service will be extended for the downtime! More details to follow when we find out more!

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Currently Re-activating Epic accounts!

As of October 1st, we have started to re-activate all epic accounts.
We believe that service will be extended and nobody will lose any of their money!

However, this transfer of information is being done manually and may take some extended time. We do NOT have an ETA yet on this.

Please do not email support at this time asking when your service will be restored.

We will update here again soon.

Please keep checking back here for updates/instructions on how we will proceed.

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Epic still going strong!

A few weeks ago we had made a post with our concerns regarding epic. It does seem like they have changed a few of their staff, but the provider is still going strong offering the same sources they had before.

Lots of exciting upgrades coming soon from Epic including more HD stations and new multi-streaming plans!


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Epic Changes

As of today, GlobeIPTV will now be handling epic accounts. We aren’t sure exactly what this means for the epic service yet, but we do know the domain has changed (server URL).

If you’re using a mag or stalker based device, and was using as your url, your service should work normally. If you were using a different URL, you will need to point your box to the address listed above.

For our M3U users though, the new URL format should be as follows:

Make sure to put your own username/password credentials into the areas above marked in bold.

Thank you.

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Toronto Raptors & Your IPTV Service…

Tonight marks Game 4 of the NBA finals. When when big games come up we always want to make sure we’ve got you covered, but unfortunately there are always those customers who wait until the last minute to activate their service. A few of you place orders during the middle of the game. Shame on you!

We just want to remind people that orders may be delayed and you may miss out on your game if you wait to the last minute. Most of these games fall outside of regular business hours (9am-5pm EST) so please understand that we will do everything to activate your service, we cannot offer any guarantees.

Thank you for understanding.

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Epic Launches new Android App


– New Theme Fully Designed Layout

– Speed Download Link ( 

– 4K Support

– Added Native player

– Recent Watch added in series

– Autoplay feature in series and movies

– Bug fixes

– EPG issue in M3U Fixed

– Minor Language issues Fixed

– EPG Scrolling issue fixed

– Edit User Feature Added

– EPG Speed Optimization

– Ads Removed on TV Screen + Minor Bug Fixes

– Italian Language Support

– Speed Optimization in Live TV Section

– [New] – Support M3U File / URL

– Arrangements – We can move group for better arrangements.

– Watch Trailer – ability to watch the trailer for Movies and Series as well.

–Recently Watched – New Section that will have the movies or series that has been watched.

–Resuming Video – it brings the ability for the user to resume the video where they left it before.

–Hardware and Software Recording ( Major Update) – Now, we have updated our native player that support hardware and software decoding.

–Sorting options for Categories

–Sorting features for LIVE

-Reconnects recording if it fails

-Recording in SD Card and External/Internal Storage

-Arabic RTL support

-Movies Info Section Improved

–Player Selection – It gives the ability to change the media player permanently from the setting sections