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Epic still going strong!

A few weeks ago we had made a post with our concerns regarding epic. It does seem like they have changed a few of their staff, but the provider is still going strong offering the same sources they had before.

Lots of exciting upgrades coming soon from Epic including more HD stations and new multi-streaming plans!


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Epic Changes

As of today, GlobeIPTV will now be handling epic accounts. We aren’t sure exactly what this means for the epic service yet, but we do know the domain has changed (server URL).

If you’re using a mag or stalker based device, and was using as your url, your service should work normally. If you were using a different URL, you will need to point your box to the address listed above.

For our M3U users though, the new URL format should be as follows:

Make sure to put your own username/password credentials into the areas above marked in bold.

Thank you.

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Toronto Raptors & Your IPTV Service…

Tonight marks Game 4 of the NBA finals. When when big games come up we always want to make sure we’ve got you covered, but unfortunately there are always those customers who wait until the last minute to activate their service. A few of you place orders during the middle of the game. Shame on you!

We just want to remind people that orders may be delayed and you may miss out on your game if you wait to the last minute. Most of these games fall outside of regular business hours (9am-5pm EST) so please understand that we will do everything to activate your service, we cannot offer any guarantees.

Thank you for understanding.