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Epic Re-Launch Update

Some of you may notice the channels are coming back online 1 at a time. There are about 1800 stations so as you can imagine this could take a few days.

Let’s be patient here and hope everything comes back up smoothly.

If you’re an epic customer and you still can’t get online, please email support with your order number so we can make sure you’re using the correct portal settings for your device.

Thank you.

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Epic Re-launch complete

It appears epic is back up and running for all M3U and STB/Mag users!

The EPG is still not complete so it may take some time for them to get those up and running, but it’s awesome to see that all accounts have been successfully restored and anyone who had epic before should be up and running again.

Service will be extended for the downtime! More details to follow when we find out more!

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Currently Re-activating Epic accounts!

As of October 1st, we have started to re-activate all epic accounts.
We believe that service will be extended and nobody will lose any of their money!

However, this transfer of information is being done manually and may take some extended time. We do NOT have an ETA yet on this.

Please do not email support at this time asking when your service will be restored.

We will update here again soon.

Please keep checking back here for updates/instructions on how we will proceed.