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We are now known as IPTVGTA.NET

Unfortunately, we recently had a web-server crash that temporarily took down our previous site.
While this has been a very frustrating time for us as well as our customers, it has given us the ability to relocate to a new provider that allows us to automate snapshots so this doesn’t a happen again.
Additionally, the website should now be much faster and more responsive!

Please note that our previous customer database was lost. This means that all customers will have new accounts created at checkout for them. This also means that we no longer have your MAC addresses (mags/android boxes) or any other previous order information. When creating a new order, please assume that we need ALL your information again…we do NOT have your previous info on file!

For all you people that have auto-payments set up through paypal previously on, these will continue normally and you have nothing to worry about. If you want to change your services though, you’ll want to log into your paypal account and cancel your subscription, then return back to this site and place a new order.

Please bear with us over the next month or so while we tidy up the new site and make it more visually pleasing. The main priority right now was to get this site up and running so our customers will not be without service.
Our apologies!

Any questions feel free to email support -at-

Thank you!

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